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Rules for the BUGS/TODO Trello board
« dnia: 11 Styczeń 2016, 03:53:14 »
Hi there!
Great to see so many people using the Trello board to post the latest bugs they find. However, there have been a number of bugs that I have been unable to replicate from the information provided. I've asked for clarification some of them, and heard nothing back. In order to make bug testing and fixing go smoother could you pleas post you bugs in the following format:

Title: [BUG] 1 sentence description of the bug.
Description: What is the bug? How can I reproduce this bug?

I will leave comments requesting further information if I can't work out how to replicate the issue fro the info given. If English is not your first language, no problem. Don't be shy, post as much info as you can. Just keep an eye out on the cards you post to see if I need more info, or if we'll have it fixed in the next build!

Remember: If I can't reproduce the bug, we can't fix it!