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about build mode
« dnia: 24 Sierpień 2017, 10:07:51 »
We know that the build mode item placement is really clunky etc, and some of you guys have asked if you can split them up into categories. Ethan has been working on this for the last few weeks ( in a branch) and is getting close to merging with the main head. We want to post the proposed categories/subcategories and see if you guys think that there need to be changes (more/fewer, different etc)




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Odp: about build mode
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 24 Sierpień 2017, 14:24:41 »
To my mind, item placement isn't that bad and all the objects are split into several categories already, so what you've presented here is a slightly changed list of currently existing categories.

You suggest separating signs from signals and move them to another category which, in my opinion, is not needed as they work similarly to signals in Train Driver. I think it's alright as it is currently (so, two separate subcategories in one category).

Does "Terrain" in "Nature" category mean terrain textures or terrain points? If the first, then there is no change, if the latter, I would suggest keeping them apart from any objects and making a separate category as it is now.

Where are humans (not sure if I can use plural form here :P )? Do you plan to put them into "Animals" category? That would even make sense. ;) But I think it is also good as it is.

In general, what we have now is rather a good solution for the builders. All what I've written is solely my opinion, but numerous TD2 users may agree with me, that we simply got used to the editor as it is. There are more significant issues, like terrain modelling, but it's a topic for another thread. ;)

PS Too much "as it is" in one post, I guess... ;D