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From 01.11.2020, we want presence a new Penalty Table, and User Accounting System. Therefore, we publish below a set of rules for the Reporting System.

1. Reporting System is a integral part of Train Driver 2 simulator forum and is subject to Forum Rules.
2. Reporting System is subject to paragraph 5 "Skargi i kary" specified in Simulator Rules.
3. Due 5.2 of Simulator Rules, any necessary information, which enable action to be taken are:

* correct, logic, and understanding situation description
* correct date of situation
* witnesses SEPARATED by comma
* FULL SCREENSHOTS of this situation - Because many users have more than one computer monitor, we recommended to use Alt+Prntscr combine, which saves a screenshot of the active window ( not full screen ) in memory
* video recordings made independently or downloaded from the public stream / live, with the specific moment of the event marked *only Train Driver 2 game, *look TeamSpeak3 Rules
* original game logs in *.txt
4. Due 5.2 of Simulator Rules, any information, which can't enable action to be taken are:

* chaotic, incorrect and unintelligible situation description,
* incorrect date of situation,
* witnesses like "everyone", "somebody", etc.
* cutted, illegible, incomplete, classified screenshots,
* video recordings that do not include the event or cannot be obtained from the recording - especially for long recordings,
* faked log files
5. Due 5.10 of Simulator Rules, bystanders and persons not directly related to the complaint, but speaking out, will be punished in accordance with the Penalty Table for a period not longer than 72 hours.
6. Making a complaint, please fill ALL places in as far as possible. Otherwise, the complaint may not be considered.



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