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Supporting Development
« dnia: 08 Grudzień 2015, 22:49:13 »
Hey there everyone!

As you may (or may not) be aware, the 0.8.0e build introduced an option for supporting the development of this project.

Why did we do this?
•   There have been a lot of times that people have been unable to play, as the server has a maximum of 20 concurrent users
•   To increase server space, we need cash
•   Our funding comes from our customers, namely you
•   Once we get enough, we'll upgrade the server space

So what do you get from supporting us?
•   Priority access to the server for the duration of development. If it starts to fill up, supporters will be first in line for server space.
•   Lifetime access to the PKP Intercity (ICC) skins for the EU07 locomotive and 111a and 112a passenger carriages (specifically the EU07-334, 111a_icc and 112a_icc prefabs)
•   A nice hat icon for the forums, though you may need to manually set your primary group to Supporter to display it

Payment Options
•   Use the forum's subscription service to help us. The amount for this option is 5€. Go to your account profile, and click on the Actions tab. From here, you'll be able to subscribe to a Supporter account. Or, click here! This method is instantly activated, and you're placed in the Supporter group right away.

And thanks for all your help! :D

Here's what the skins look like :)

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