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Why i'm banned?

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when I start the game an would login, there stands that i banned, but im not banned.
I have tryed to uninstall an reinstall the Launcher, but that not works.

So thanks for help an sorry for my bad english


You have 7 accounts. Is there anything else I can help you with?


--- Cytat: Coyotek w 07 Października 2022, 20:52:44 ---You have 7 accounts.

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These 7 accounts only exist because the game says I'm a woman, since that's not the case, I created a new one that also said it wrong. So I created another one. And I created the others to be able to play anyway. Can you please release this account for me?

Do you know you can edit this in profile settings?


--- Cytat: mistersix w 08 Października 2022, 14:59:39 ---Do you know you can edit this in profile settings?

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Which profile settings?


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